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Class of 2012

Doreen Bloch - Founder & CEO, Poshly.com

Poshly is a beauty-meets-digital company that provides customized samples based on an algorithm that will help the beauty industry market to consumers with targeted samples and giveaways. 

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Bettina Hein - Founder & CEO, Pixability

Pixability is a video marketing company that helps organizations get the right video in front of the right audience, by driving more business and increasing awareness with online video, whether on YouTube, Facebook, or any other hosting platform with its powerful cloud-based online video marketing software.

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Kathryn Minshew - Founder, The Muse (formerly The Daily Muse)

The Muse is the leading online community for professional women (and a few great dudes too). With the recent launch of their career and job discovery tool at CompanyMuse.com, the site also helps connect hundreds of thousands of aspiring professionals with amazing companies.

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Sarah McIlroy - Founder, Ella Sole and Former Founder & CEO, FashionPlaytes.com

EllaSole is all about boutique-quality, custom jewelry at a great price point. Every piece is hand-made and can be personalized to a particular style with gemstones, metals and engravings to mark milestones.

FashionPlaytes is the first girl-driven fashion and style commerce company.  At the forefront of commerce innovation, the FashionPlaytes’ website, FPgirl.com, empowers tween girls to create, share and wear original looks, transforming creative ideas into wearable fashions.  With millions of possible design combinations, designers on FPgirl.com can create their own brand and showcase their designs through the development of an online collection, studio, look-book, models and participation in social games.

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Vivian Rosenthal - Founder & CEO, Snaps (formerly GoldRun)

Snaps is a SaaS platform for messaging. Over 50bn messages are sent through messaging apps every day. The Snaps branded iOS and Android keyboards allow brands to become a part of these conversations, and to engage audiences in meaningful and authentic ways through branded emojis, stickers and gifs across messaging apps like iMessage, WhatsApp and FB Messenger 

GoldRun was an augmented reality mobile platform that transformed traditional digital media placements into immersive and immediately shareable brand-consumer engagements: GPS-defined Virtual Photobooths. Users shareed their branded AR photos and accompanying messages on various social networks to earn rewards including discounts and coupons, instant win prizes, access to exclusive media and the ability to order products.

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Additionally, four finalists were named L’Oréal Women in Digital Honorees including:

  • Cheryl Yeoh, Former Co-Founder, Reclip.It (acquired by Walmart Labs, formerly CityPockets)