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Class of 2015

Sian Morson - Founder & CEO, Cast Beauty

Cast Beauty is the first mobile app that uses weather data to provide personalized skin and hair care recommendations. Cast Beauty is designed to fill the need for personalized beauty recommendations based on climate and enables users to purchase appropriate products.

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Katherine Ryder - Founder & CEO, Maven Clinic

Maven Clinic is a platform that empowers the female healthcare consumer to get access to better health information and services. Maven has a network of hundreds of women’s and family healthcare providers and provides prescriptions and doctor visits via video appointment.

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Rachel Tipograph - Founder & CEO, MikMak

MikMak is the first mobile video shopping network available for iOS devices in the Apple App Store. MikMak uses short, shoppable infomercials called "minimercials" to showcase innovative products priced below $100 across accessories, beauty, gadgets, jewelry, home goods, kitchenware and more.

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