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2013 Winners

Below are the winners of the 2013 L'Oréal Women in Digital Next Generation Awards:

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy - Founder & CEO, Joyus.com


Joyus is the world's first premium video shopping experience for the modern woman online. Every day our team of  fashion, beauty, health, fitness and lifestyle experts share our perspective, tips and special product finds to help our users live their best and most beautiful lives, anytime, anywhere. 

Joyus was founded in 2011 with a diverse and passionate management team hailing from companies such as Google, Ebay, Sephora, HBO, Oprah and the Gap.  Joyus has received over 20m in total funding from leading venture capitalists including Accel Partners, Interwest, TimeWarner Investments and Harrison Metal. The company has been recognized with numerous awards including  “Hot 100 Retailers of 2013” by Internet Retailer and Brand Innovators’ “Top 25 E-Commerce Companies to Watch”in 2013.  

"One of the most wonderful things about the LUSA Women in Digital program was getting the opportunity to beta -test video commerce with one of L’Oreal’s leading beauty brands. We ran and extremely successful pilot , which was a test case for them and for us in the power of video story-selling - with engagement and ROI -through video. We are leveraging that learning into the expansion of our business model in being able to work with a larger range of brands in 2014 under a similar model"

-- Sukhinder Singh Cassidy | Founder & CEO, Joyus.com

Heather Marie -
Founder & CEO, 72Lux


72Lux is a software company with patent-pending technology that enables digital publishers to sell the products they feature in their editorial.

This proprietary technology makes their content effortlessly shoppable by connecting publishers with their preferred retailers to ultimately create an entirely new revenue stream for both publishers and retailers. The technology also allows for an enhanced user experience so the customer can purchase directly within the website that inspired their purchase decision.

72Lux works with enterprise publishers to create a scalable source of sales and long-term customers for retail partners. The product catalog already features over 17,000 brands and 1.5 million SKUs.

72Lux is a proud member of 500 Startups in Mountain View, California and the First Growth Venture Network in New York City. 

Recent Press: http://www.72lux.com/press.html

Kelsey Falter -
Founder & CEO, Poptip


Kelsey Falter launched Poptip with a team of truly amazing people in June 2012 out of Techstars New York City. Poptip is a software platform that enables crowd participation. The Poptip platform has two products: Poptip Questions, which offers the ability to ask questions and surveys over social media, and Poptip Zipline, which offers real time conversation synthesis for news organizations and brands. Poptip has raised over $2.5MM from investors including Lerer Ventures, Softbank Capital, David Tisch, Scott Belsky, and more.  Poptip serves customers including the NBA, the NFL, Budweiser, Bravo, and more. Before Poptip, Kelsey studied industrial design at the University of Notre Dame and fell in love with the creative process & data as inspiration while interning with brands like The Coca-Cola Company and Saks Fifth Avenue.  Crowd feedback as a catalyst for creation fascinated her. And that’s just one reason why Poptip exists. 

Recent Press:

About the Awards


As the world’s largest beauty company, L’Oreal has the opportunity and resources to make a difference and empower women to go into careers in science, technology, engineering and math. The Women in Digital program is all about supporting female entrepreneurs and advancing the technology they build, which is why the “Next Generation Awards” were created. L’Oreal is seeking women-operated businesses that can help conceive, launch, and scale new technology that has the potential to revolutionize the digital space, drive brand innovation, and shape the next generation of the beauty industry.

Nomination Process:

  • Sourced by partners, VC’s and LUSA’s call for submissions. Crowdsourcing is also an option.
  • Top 10 companies are curated by the internal committee of L’Oreal Digital Experts along with the L’Oreal Women in Digital Advisory Board.
  • “Next Awards” team and Rachel Weiss, head of Women in Digital and VP of digital innovation, content, and new business ventures at L’Oreal USA to conduct interviews/due diligence with top 5 companies and are voted on by the L’Oreal Strategic Committee.
  • Pilots guaranteed for three companies, bid on by L’Oreal brands as part of the Women in Digital program.

Who Should Apply for the Next Generation Awards?

The Women in Digital Next Generation Awards are given to three female-founded companies that are game-changers in the technology space, specifically those impacting the beauty business.

Companies must have working technology, not just paper napkin ideas. Companies with proven success in other sectors that are looking to pivot their existing products into the beauty sector are also encouraged to apply. L’Oreal is seeking business solutions (not beauty apps) that meet the needs of its entire portfolio of brands across media, technology and connected devices.

Additional Criteria:

L’Oreal Women in Digital recognizes best-in-class female-operated companies that can achieve one or more of the following objectives:

  • Create a digital experience helping beauty shoppers choose and purchase beauty products in mass retailers, hair salons, online or at beauty counters.
  • Leverage and gather data to help acquire new customers or retain across a portfolio of brands.
  • Provide a new channel for customer acquisition or loyalty for beauty customers across all digital platforms, mobile and emerging technology.
  • Help us address the following: data standardization, security, geo-location, customer engagement, merchandising, RFID, iBeacon, inventory contextualization, micro-manufacturing, wearables and 3D printing.

How L’Oreal Defines “Female-Founded Company”:

  • The company has a female founder and/or CEO.
  • The company is led by a woman with a C-level title who contributes to strategic direction of the company. In other words, does she have power and influence in the company? Is her amount of equity "fair" given her role and the stage of the company when she joined?

What L’Oreal Does NOT Fund:

Unfortunately, there are some female-run businesses that just don’t meet L’Oreal Women in Digital’s criteria. This includes real estate projects, agencies, television or radio programs, films, theater or art productions, as well as companies represented by brokers of any kind.

Submission Process:

  • Name of your organization (and acronym if commonly used)
  • Name of parent organization, if any
  • Name of founder/CEO or person holding similar position
  • Organization’s contact information: Address (and courier address if different), phone, email and fax
  • Name and title of the principal contact person, if different from above
  • Principal contact information: Address (and courier address if different), phone, email and fax
  • Company website
  • Company description
  • Brief statement of how your company’s competencies could relate to L’Oreal’s mission and criteria outlined above
  • How the proposed partnership relates to your organization, and why your organization is qualified to undertake the project
  • Brief statement on why you think Women in Digital is important in today’s society, and why it is particularly meaningful to you